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Mukti II : Anti-trafficking of children and girls for sexual exploitation in source-destination countries in South Asia


India (Goa, West Bengal ,Manipur, Maharashtra, Delhi )




January 2020 to December 2022


Phase I of Project MUKTI in India produced significant impact-led results with meaningful partnerships between source and destination partners within the country. MUKTI II intends to safeguard the investments and impact of MUKTI I, capitalize on the base that has been created during the implementation of this project and extend it to include transborder destinations, Bangladesh and Nepal, where significant cases of trafficking originates and girls end up in various major cities of India and significantly, to Goa. MUKTI II is evidence informed, and the choice of proposed working areas, namely the states of Maharashtra, West Bengal, Manipur and Delhi, and the main source countries Bangladesh and Nepal, is informed by findings of a recent study published in 2019 by ARZ, a nodal NGO working against trafficking in Goa [1] and ECPAT Luxembourg’s partner in the state.


Strengthen efforts of governments and civil society of India, Nepal and Bangladesh to respond to the problem of trafficking of children and girls for sexual exploitation.


  • Provide direct assistance to victims
  • Raise awareness on trafficking of children and girls for sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children
  • Strengthen capacity of service providers
  • Strengthen community services and systems of child protection



  • Children, youth and victims, rescued or vulnerable to internal and cross-border trafficking.
  • State actors: police, border security force, lawyers and magistrates, state protection home personnel.



  • ARZ (Anyay Rahit Zindagi ), India
  • FXBIS (FXB India Suraksha), India
  • Shakti Samuha, Nepal
  • Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg
  • The Fondation Juniclair



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