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Preventing child trafficking. The earthquakes that struck Nepal continue to cause innocent victims: children. Fragile or isolated, they are vulnerable to the risks of trafficking, whether within the country or to brothels in nearby India. Several cases have already been reported, and all actors on the ground are calling for absolute vigilance.

The summary sheet of this project can be downloaded on this link


Project title

Protecting highly vulnerable children and youth from the risks of trafficking in the five districts most severely affected by the earthquake in Nepal

Project objective

The main objective of the project is to protect highly vulnerable children and youth from the risks of trafficking in the five most severely affected districts.

Project activities

  • The establishment of 8 emergency protection centres to accommodate children and young people who are vulnerable to trafficking.

These centres serve as a shelter for children/teenagers during the day, while waiting for schools and houses to be rebuilt. We carry out activities in terms of research and family reunification, psychosocial counselling, educational and recreational activities, awareness of the risks of sexual abuse and trafficking, awareness of basic health and hygiene, basic medical assistance.

  • Establishing protection posts to identify and save children and young people at risk of trafficking, both in the district (internal trafficking) and beyond its borders.

We work closely with nepalese police units responsible for monitoring internal and cross-border traffic and provide logistical and human resources support. These stations are equipped with webcams to facilitate the recording of testimonies and the transfer of data to the legal authorities to prosecute traffickers. These posts also serve as an awareness relay, with messages broadcast on radio, television, flyers and local and/or Nepalese print media.


2,600 children and young people will benefit from our prevention and protection activities.