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“STOP sexual violence against children” campaign

Publié le 26 August 2021

As part of our awareness-raising projects against child sexual exploitation in Luxembourg, the campaign to raise public awareness of Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) online started on 20 September 2021. Read our press release to find out how the campaign is going by clicking here.

20 September 2021: Press conference in the Mënschenrechtshaus

On Monday, September 20, 2021, we were present at the Mënschenrechtshaus in the presence of the KJT and our partners for the launch of the campaign. During the press conference, two videos were presented for the first time, which are now available on the campaign’s social networks and website

Use good semantics and appropriate terms

The first part of the campaign focuses on using the right semantics, i.e. the right terms to talk about child sexual abuse online. This section explains why the terms ” Child Sexual Abuse Material” and “CSAM” replace the terms “child pornography” and “child pornography”. There is simply no such thing as “child pornography”, because it is actually material or content that represents sexual violence and thus sexual abuse against a child. The nature of this content is very serious and criminal.

The term “child sexual abuse material” or its abbreviation “CSAM”more appropriately defines the severity and nature of the content itself, including all its different forms. The term CSAM also dispels misconceptions that such an act of sexual abuse could take place with the child’s consent, knowing that a child can neverconsent to sexual abuse. Thus, CSAM is indeed sexual abuse of a child, who is a victim, not a participant.

Reporting child sexual abuse material

Every citizen has a responsibility to report child sexual abuse material to the BEE SECURE Stopline. The BEE SECURE Stopline allows the general public to anonymously and confidentially report potential illegal content encountered on the Internet. These reports are processed in collaboration with the competent authorities and partners at national and international level. Through its website, the BEE SECURE Stopline offers the general public a way to act civically against illegal content on the Internet. The only information required for a CSAM report is the direct link to the content you wish to report. This line is operated by the KJT and is available 24/7 on the BEE SECURE Stopline website (