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Stop the sexual exploitation of children!

The ultimate objective of our association is to put an end to the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC). It is for this purpose that we mobilize all our energies and resources.

At the structural level

ECPAT Luxembourg has three coordination offices in the field. They are located in Mali, Nepal and Burkina Faso, the latter being managed in partnership with ECPAT France.

At the operational level

The partnership is based on a long-term relationship of mutual trust. Each participant retains his or her autonomy but undertakes to pool his or her efforts and resources for the same objective.

We consider active participation in our projects, and in particular that of children, as a fundamental right, in the spirit of Article 12 of the CRC. [1] Their views are taken into account and they influence the decision-making processes that directly affect them.


The legal framework should act as a deterrent and ensure the protection of children. But in practice, however, law enforcement often comes up against ignorance, permissiveness, taboos or lack of will.

The legal framework should act as a deterrent.

Informing children at risk and victims of their rights is therefore an essential step. But it is insufficient if it is not accompanied by action with the actors in charge of their protection. Awareness, communication, education and training are therefore essential to our work.


Tortured childhood

The care and rehabilitation of child victims of sexual exploitation is a complex, difficult and painful process.

Shame, guilt, depression and despair drive them away from the provision of care, making them even more vulnerable to stigmatization and betrayal by the adult world. Harassed by nightmares and insomnia, they develop similar reactions to victims of torture. Alcohol, drugs and rejection of society become their daily lives. Suicide, a possible way out.

Urgency and long term, our main areas of work

Act in an emergency, provide medical and psychological follow-up, provide shelter, legal assistance and physical protection. Avoid the child being treated as a criminal, imprisoned, forcibly repatriated. Let it not fall into the hands of criminals again.

Commit to the future, educate, train, reassure. Reunite families, take care of the child in his or her social, psychological and economic reintegration.


Illegal and clandestine, the economy of sexual exploitation of children remains largely a mystery, making it all the more difficult to combat. Our academic field studies, combining qualitative and quantitative evaluation, are gradually lifting the veil on current practices.


The preventive and repressive legal arsenal has increased significantly in recent years. But there is still room for rigorous and humane implementation of existing texts, as well as for developing new perspectives. Our advocacy aims to accelerate this process.


Prevention, protection and rehabilitation of children in our fight against their sexual exploitation are based on specific, complex and difficult knowledge and skills. ECPAT Luxembourg attaches great importance to training in each of the components of its action.

Help us to protect children!