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Combating trafficking of children for sexual purposes in India (MUKTI Project)



Source States of trafficking: Assam, Manipur and West Bengal in the north-east of the country

State of destination of the trade: Goa in the southwest of the country



Januar 2017-December 2019



The “MUKTI” project (meaning “freedom” in Hindi) aims to combat trafficking of children for sexual purposes in the States of origin (West Bengal, Manipur and Assam) to a State of destination (Goa) for trafficking in India. It brings together the efforts of organizations in Assam, West Bengal and Manipur, where a significant proportion of trafficking cases in India are reported, and Goa, an important state to which victims of trafficking are brought. These organizations work in collaboration with local and central government and civil society to prevent trafficking in human beings, protect victims of trafficking and prosecute traffickers in the States concerned. It is noted that in recent years, child trafficking has been organized through the Internet, which leaves little trace for the prosecution of criminals and abusers.


Project Objective

Combat trafficking of children for sexual purposes in source states (Assam, Manipur, West Bengal) and in the destination state (Goa).


Expected Results

  • Children and young women who are victims or at risk of trafficking protected and cared for
  • Key stakeholders in government, civil society and the general public, especially victims, potential victims and their communities affected by child trafficking for sexual purposes
  • The capacities of actors involved in assisting victims and preventing trafficking of children for sexual purposes are strengthened
  • Structures or services to prevent trafficking of children for sexual purposes at the village, commune, district and State levels are established and/or strengthened
  • Coordination mechanisms between key stakeholders to prevent trafficking of children for sexual purposes are established and/or created


Target Groups

  • Children, adolescents and young women who have been rescued or at risk of internal and cross-border trafficking
  • Families and communities
  • Non-state actors: media, tourism sector, teachers, religious leaders, tribal leaders.
  • State actors: personnel in state protection centres, mainly police and judicial authorities



Children and young women who are victims or at risk of sexual exploitation

  • 450 victims of trafficking cared for: medical, legal and psychosocial
  • 220 victims reunited with their families
  • 80 victims receive training and work placements
  • 490 victims receive legal support
  • 20 foreign victims repatriated to their countries of origin
  • 1000 children in school or back in school

Non-state actors  

  • 8,000 key stakeholders (villagers, parents, local elected officials, village leaders, local activists, etc.) sensitized to the issue of trafficking
  • 300 village chiefs sensitized to prevent trafficking at the local level
  • 370 religious leaders sensitized
  • 15,000 villagers informed about public social protection schemes
  • 225 journalists trained in trafficking reporting techniques
  • 110 surveillance groups formed at the community and border level to identify and report suspected cases of trafficking

State actors involved in child protection and their structures

  • 800 officials (mainly lawyers and magistrates) trained in the issue of trafficking and its prevention
  • 1,000 law enforcement officials at state, district and community levels trained to identify and assist victims
  • 100 participants from border security forces trained
  • 100 participants from various law enforcement agencies trained
  • 24 health workers in sensitized state protection centres



Convention on the Rights of the Child: signed and ratified in 1992

Legal age for marriage: 18 for girls and 21 for men*

Child labour (2010-2016): 12.0%*

Victims of trafficking for all purposes (2016): 5,532 girls**

Victims of trafficking for all purposes (2016): 8,651 boys**

Victims of trafficking for sexual purposes (2016): 7,570**

* UNICEF, State of the World’s Children Report, 2016 ** United States Department of State Trafficking in Persons Report, 2017/TIP Report (citing figures published in the National Crimes Record Bureau’s India Crime Report, 2016, India



585,000 EUROS


Partenaires d’exécution du projet :

ARZ , Goa


FXB India Suraksha, Manipur


GOLD, Assam


MARG, Bengale Occidental


Institutional Partner

Ministère des Affaires Etrangères et Européennes de Luxembourg