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Burkina Faso:

Children’s participation in Africa for a network to combat the sexual exploitation of children (PARLE)



In Burkina Faso, municipalities of Ouagadougou (capital) and Fada (Eastern Region of the country)



January 2018-December 2019



Burkina Faso is one of the poorest countries in the world and in 2015, the United Nations Development Programme ranked the country 185th out of 188 countries in terms of the Human Development Index (HDI).


Due to the high level of poverty in Burkina Faso, children are increasingly at risk of sexual exploitation. However, few preventive measures are developed by the government to curb child prostitution, the sale of children, child trafficking and child pornography. Nor is the sexual exploitation of children in tourism the subject of preventive measures. Psychosocial care for child victims of sexual exploitation or trafficking is provided by civil society or public service structures, but the services offered do not specifically address the needs of child victims of sexual exploitation. In 2013, the Committee on the Rights of the Child recommended that Burkina Faso intensify the implementation of its legislation, improve its coordination, and adopt action programmes on the exploitation of children. The Human Rights Committee reiterated recommendations on trafficking in 2016 and the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women on early marriage, trafficking and exploitation in prostitution.


The project is part of a multi-country project where programmes are implemented in ten countries in sub-Saharan Africa with activities adapted in each country according to the experience, history and alliances identified in the latter.



Realize the right of children to live free from all forms of sexual exploitation


Expected Results

  • Victims/survivors of sexual exploitation are provided with appropriate services for their effective and sustainable reintegration
  • Children acquire the knowledge and reflexes to protect themselves
  • Protection actors know how to respond effectively to children’s needs in the face of sexual exploitation
  • Knowledge and recommendations on the sexual exploitation of children are produced and shared to inform public policy
  • Policy makers, protection actors and the general public are mobilized around the issue of sexual exploitation and advance policies, legislation or programmes to combat the sexual exploitation of children

Target Groups

  • Children and/or young people at risk or victims of sexual exploitation
  • Families and communities
  • Actors involved in child protection and their structures
  • Political decision-makers



1950 Children and/or young people at risk or victims of sexual exploitation, among whom:

  • 1000 Identified children
  • 150    Children in the process of reintegration
  • 1080 Children trained in self-protection
  • 600    Children sensitized


2260 Homes: parents, guardians, and community and community leaders:

  • 960 Via educational chat
  • 1200 Forum Theatre
  • 100 Community Actors



  • Legal age for marriage: 20 years for men, 17 years for girls
  • Convention on the Rights of the Child: signed and ratified in 1990
  • Child labour (2010-2016): 39%.
  • Early marriage (2010-2017), married before 15 years of age: 10%.
  • Early marriage (2010-2017), married before 18 years of age: 52%



162,500 EUROS


Implementing Partners

KEOOGO , partner from Burkina :

ECPAT France :

ECPAT International :

RISE Learning Network :


Institutional Partner

Ministère des Affaires Étrangères et Européennes de Luxembourg :

Agence Française du Développement :